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Description : Very melodic. Emotional maybe idk. Just have fun wit it. Let me see your beats in the comments!. Plus, hmu for collabs!

Description : This loop has a lol mosey type feel to it. Send me links to yours beats! I would like to hear! Hmu for collabs anytime yall!

Description : This is a bell loop for your happy beats.
Send a link to your beats. Message me if you want to collab on anything else.

Description : Another piano melody. So lovely 159 bpm A# Minor. Send me a link to your beat. Love to hear it. Promise Ill give you a reply. Hmu if you want to collab anytime. Thank You!!

Description : A melodic piano for your happy, emotional beat. Send me a link to your beat in the comments yall. I promise I will see it. Hmu for collabs!

Loops 1 - 5 of 5