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Description : Hey Guys!
This is not really for Drum and Bass, but you can use it like you want, always!
The Rootkey is F while the other keys are: F#,G#,A#,C# and D#
It's in the 7th Notes high pitched and 5th Notes down pitched ( it's like 7th pitched)
I used Sylenth1 with the preset
Nr 178 LD ChineseRock i think.
I choosed 150 to let your imagination in which Tempo you wanna go and it still sounds good.

Let me know your critics and what you've done with it. Have fun!

Description : Hey guys!
New Drums!

If you using FL Studio, try to "normalize" it in the Sampler. This makes the drumloop louder.

Description : Sounds really good with powerdrums.
The chor should be in the 9th keynotes are: B and E
Reminds me of some Liquid Funk Tracks i like to hear :)
Use it like you want!

Description : New Day, new opportunities!
The DNB drums are from my Track.
But i let the Cymbal away, so you can put... whatever you want in it, or not xD. Feel free to use it like you want.

Description : Hey guys!
New DNB Drums, new options!
Use it like you want!
Still liquid funk drums for me :)

Description : Hey,
i just reworked my DNB Drums.
Longer and more spicey.
Just tuning a little bit around.
If you have any questions, be free to ask and use :)

Description : Hey guys,
I just wanted to share my DNB Drums.
It's up to you how you gonna use it.
I'm using it in the way Liquid Funk.
The BPM is 175
If you have any question, you can ask :)
Let me know your critics and how you gonna use it!

Loops 1 - 7 of 7