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Description : Created with: Simmons SDS-2000 (Mid Tom)

Description : *I uploaded some of these loops awhile ago but quickly removed them so you may have some. If you do delete them and download these

One of my favorite sounds for rap/trap. harsh gated choir samples and synth hits straight out of the movies. These loops will give you a sound like no other. Enjoy! Made using Ableton Live 9 + plugins

Description : Same as the other "All Standard Slow Groove" but with some variations and a tom tom roll.

Description : Basic Rock beat played on an acoustic drum kit with sample replaced kick drum. Rides on 1/8th, lots of cymbals, snare on 2 and 4, heavily syncopated kick drum.

Description : Same as "Very Basic" but with little variations,a tom tom roll and open hihat in the second part. Real played. Natural sound.

Description : Same groove as "Seventies Vintage" but with tom tom roll and ride cymbal in the second part.

Description : Fits with the other two "Hyper basic Half time shuffle" one an two. Same groove but with a ride cymbal and a tom-tom roll.

Description : A nice 16-bar dance/house beat with cymbals, an off-beat snare and a tom roll at the end. Made in Propellerhead Reason. 124 BPM

Description : This is a tom roll I made for my "Dodge & Fuski VS Barely Alive - Poison" remix in Soundcloud, and I decided o share it lel. What type of loop should I make next?

Description : .....

Description : Hope U Like It And, Can Use It

Loops 1 - 11 of 11