Description : Main chords (for all versions) go from 2 octives(low to higher) F, C, F then next ones are D#, G#, D#

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give GameboiX some feedback.

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Description : hip hop, groove, strings

Description : Made using various vst and efx such as delay, reverb, flanger and distorion. All have been eqed and compressed. Feel free to use any of my samples on your songs. Please leave a comment and give credit where credit is due. Thanks and enjoy!

Description : Poor Mans Loop from the Poor Mans Lab..

Description : a little melody inspired by reggeaton but still very hip hop...

Description : The two loops combined just to give you an idea of what I have going for with these two loops. Made using Logic

Description : Just playing around with some different sounds.

For some reason when I play piano, most of the stuff sounds sad lol.

Description : I made this in FL7. I was going to use it, but we have met our quota for our album. So its yours. Enjoy!

Description : a lil gangsta groove.

see my other loop 'hip hop groove - added vox' for a vocal sample version

Description : Tomorrow ready beats

Description : A perfect cut of 4 bars with a Break down :-D Enjoy!

Description : Hard hitting freestyle type beat

Description : a little chilled loop i made. feel free to use it if you like it. would like to hear the finished product

Description : Credit goes to God! I felt like this one really spoke to me about where I was. I poured my heart into these loops, I'm hoping whoever uses them may do the same.

Description : Made this in FL 8 XXL using some drum kit fonts and the trippy synth is a bass sample from an 8 bit kit I have. Enjoy. J DOT ~ 2006

Description : This is a loop I made by chopping up 'jadejade's' loop which can be found here:
All credit goes to them, I merely added a beat etc.