Description : A Drum loop from a song I've been working on today, called 'Falling Down'. The whole song was created in FL 12, arranged and mixed in Ableton Live 9, and mastered and exported from Magix Music Maker. Ill upload a few more, and the track on here, so check my profile for my finished copy if you want. Feedback is always welcome. Chords are C-E-Am-F. Enjoy.

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give EPYKmuzik some feedback.

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Description : This is a soft pad loop I made! It can b used 4 either Rnb or HipHop. I havent used it yet but I will make something out of it! I also want 2 hear the creativity that you fellow LOOPERZ can come up with! Im tired of hearing jus the percussion (kick, clap, snare, hihat, etc...) parts added 2 my loops. Build around it! I wanna hear somethin I never heard b4! ENJOY!

Description : Chilling gated pad sound

Description : Chilling pad sound

Description : Another Pad loop made in FL Studio!
Let me know if you use this!

Description : Looperman i swear

Description : Uplifting key/pad chords inspired by the "DAMN." album. First half is chords only and second half is chords + melody.

Description : Gated Fall and Rise

Description : This is the Choir Pad solo'd by itself.

Description : Ryan Deshawn here. Just put in a little practice time on the keyboard. 10,000 hours it takes to become a master. I've probably hit that time. But I'm nowhere near a master in my eyes. Not a full blown Jedi yet..I may upload this as individual sounds if I get back to it.....Peace!

Description : Basically a great undertone once your beat is layered... i got the idea from many songs you hear on radios.

Description : this is the sound of your mind bending into itself....i think. It may sound more "schizoy" played in reverse, but what doesn't.

Description : use for whatever people (LF)

Description : use for whatever people (LF)

Description : Pad in G minor. Progression: C, D#, G, F.

Description : .....

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