11th Aug 2014 06:40 -  9 years ago
Description : Hard hitting hip hop drums

Comments (28)

If you have used this loop leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the track you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more loops.

SmoothDivision 7th Jul 2022 19:06 -  1 year ago
xDJxKadiumx 20th Nov 2021 22:53 -  2 years ago
djkorydallos 20th Nov 2020 09:58 -  3 years ago
Ī¤hese drums are fire!!!
GOOSE88 15th Aug 2020 21:38 -  3 years ago
ChadMojito 3rd Feb 2020 19:06 -  4 years ago
Hello! I used your loop in a song:
MATTAFACT 30th Nov 2019 14:49 -  4 years ago
Man thanks for the amaing drum loop. Here's how I used it. I hope I did justice to your work
MATTAFACT 22nd Nov 2019 07:28 -  4 years ago
Thanks for sharing this. I'm making a song that I think this drum loop will really work well with. Will post up the link once I finish and upload it. Much love
Twistedloop 29th Aug 2019 21:22 -  4 years ago
it reminds the game Def Jam Fight for NY
Twistedloop 29th Aug 2019 21:10 -  4 years ago
really nice ilike it!!
CrisAlvarez 5th Feb 2019 03:30 -  5 years ago
Thanks for the loop
Faustbeatsofficial 23rd Dec 2018 04:25 -  5 years ago
man this loop is still great, timeless for sure
LiLFooTx 16th Apr 2018 01:12 -  6 years ago
thank you
LiLFooTx 16th Apr 2018 01:11 -  6 years ago
ogsteave 28th Jan 2018 16:08 -  6 years ago
Please contact me or in the commetnts, I have an important question
kinkkong101 22nd Sep 2017 00:38 -  6 years ago
love it! check out my instrumental remix:
CharlyMillz 27th May 2015 07:41 -  9 years ago
I would like to try to do some type of collaborations in the future. I like a few of your loops and also had a few me
Centine 1st Mar 2015 11:29 -  9 years ago
Thanks for the loop so much for the amazing loop. I used in my track Elysium. The track is not finished as I am looking for opinions.
TheCraftsman 18th Jan 2015 16:25 -  9 years ago
Thanks alot for the great drum loop, Here is a beat I made using them Hope you like it.
ronabo 30th Nov 2014 18:35 -  9 years ago

Nice drum loop... I used your track to build a track. See above link.

Shlycke 16th Nov 2014 04:36 -  9 years ago
I used a bunch of your new loops in a track i'm throwing together
HairlineCrime 17th Oct 2014 03:48 -  9 years ago
hey bro how did you make those hats sound that way? were they recorded and then toyed with or what man?
Legend240 28th Aug 2014 06:57 -  9 years ago
you da man!!!
The9DeepBeatSquad 20th Aug 2014 10:32 -  9 years ago
What's good bruh, I was diggin your drums so I want to hear how I used them in a song I just did.
Subzero23 19th Aug 2014 16:14 -  9 years ago
KingCRAFT 14th Aug 2014 04:40 -  9 years ago
thanks for the work
MaxJC 13th Aug 2014 02:05 -  9 years ago
one word bruh - SOLID! Thnx for sharing wit da community!

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I used that in
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Description : My 808 Drum Beat loop is the most downloaded loop I've ever made. I made a rap instrumental and decided you guys might like to have the 808 drum loop I made for it.

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