Mynynja Myke Crusade
  • From : washington, United States
  • Joined : Tue 29th Apr 2014, 5 years ago

About Me

Good, i make and sell. ask that if you feel that you need pros, hit me up i'd love to credit anyone.

if you like what i make, post, if you'd like to buy or use, get ya check book or bit coin.

look me up as Mynynja eclipse to hear music

Instruments I play

i play string, percussion keys, and other thing, o rap and sing.

and i can make voice in your head or make them go away. lol i can change my voice and make sound international or thing you have never heard of b4.

Software I Use

Fl soon other programs

Hardware I Use

PC and other instruments: coming soon i have computer training the rest self tough.
i play all percussion. i use 8 -9 drum kit. i can play guitar, i can do learn what i need to know.

Listening To Right Now

Danke,40a,and alot more. not listen can effort to listen so i love to create

10 Favourite Albums

i havn't completed it yet. and i cant tell you something that has not been paid for yet. but tha skull kid is pretty mad.

My Influences / Fav Artists

all of you on this site,the family just true american values if you can appreciate life or respect another creed. evolution, fantasy, goal, plans, projects,vision, dream, devotion and focus.

My Music Sounds Like

anything i like i get addicted to it and able to bring i to life once again. making a big picture.

In My Other Life I ...

i am a new to becoming chef and i will to become a business owner someday.