17th Mar 2013 18:28 - 11 years ago
Description : When I woke up today and saw the sun I felt a sense of joy.
So here are my new loops of this beautiful day.
I hope you like them as much as I do.
If you like them please write something in the comments :)

I don´t know what genre this loops could be...

If you use it Please show me the results.

Comments (31)

If you have used this loop leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the track you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more loops.

fatamo 13th Oct 2022 21:02 - 1 year ago
Hallo morpheusd, die Musik von Dir ist wahnsinnig gut,
was ist geschehen, dass Du nichts mehr sendest?
Your music is very good!
chrysler 14th May 2020 04:00 - 4 years ago
1DJB1 27th Jan 2019 21:16 - 5 years ago
These dreamy world loops are great! I've used them in this track: after slowing down the tempo, would love if you could have a listen :)
FADEAWAY28 4th Oct 2018 23:09 - 5 years ago
Used a few samples. Fire. No posts since 2013??
ContrastsMusic 25th Apr 2018 21:17 - 6 years ago
Mind if I try using this for a completely different genre?
adamabsinthe 15th Sep 2016 03:29 - 7 years ago
I love it. Soundcloud Adam Absinthe to check out my take on it. FYI someone on youtube filed a claim against me for using it claiming it was theirs. Here is the youtube link of the person filing claims that your tracks are theirs
Livingsoulsdie 31st Jul 2015 05:18 - 8 years ago
nickikris 28th Mar 2014 14:17 - 10 years ago
I love your loops! Here is a link to a track that I created using several of your loops. Hope you like it!

All the best!

joesplantation 8th Jan 2014 19:52 - 10 years ago
Thanks For Posting You Loops Here For All Of Us To Enjoy.

Link To My Version
JulieH 9th Dec 2013 10:59 - 10 years ago
Beautiful, thanks for posting this! I used it as the accompaniment for a song I wrote for a 7in7 challenge this week. (7 songs in 7 days)
Markusmanu 29th Nov 2013 20:35 - 10 years ago
Hello there!
Awesome work with the loops!
Hope you enjoyed my version of the track :D
Here it is:
B_Glass 3rd Nov 2013 16:40 - 10 years ago thank u for an awesome loop
dmccsnapp 28th Aug 2013 05:46 - 10 years ago
Your work is gorgeous! I've downloaded everything you've posted! Keep going!
Assam0300 24th Aug 2013 07:38 - 10 years ago
Can some one please help me to know the Piano Keys of this beautiful loop..
Thank You
tomtom22 16th May 2013 07:01 - 11 years ago
Beautiful stuff
ThatGuyAcidPro 11th May 2013 08:11 - 11 years ago
Very inspiration and breath-taking melody! Thanks so much for uploading, I hope you enjoy the track I've created!
Zone321 11th Apr 2013 03:11 - 11 years ago
just download your sample, I'm a producer for Fwey and looking forward into turning this to a beat for them, will keep you posted, thanks again
morpheusd replied 14th Apr 2013 - 11 years ago
Thx for your comments :)
It really means a lot to me that you like my loops.

I'm really busy right now, so I don´t have enough time to comment every Track. Sorry
Willondra 6th Apr 2013 01:30 - 11 years ago
Love it!
melodyok1 5th Apr 2013 20:52 - 11 years ago
Hi! I used this loop and some others, here. This was just for fun. Please tell me what you think? Thanks again.
SODMG 5th Apr 2013 01:00 - 11 years ago
Jsizzz 30th Mar 2013 16:09 - 11 years ago
Hey can you upload the main keys ? for the bass and synth patterns ?
PTSeventyEight 24th Mar 2013 19:18 - 11 years ago
I listened to this many times, and all I could think of was a song I knew, so I SMASHED them together... Hope you like it.
milestonebeats 21st Mar 2013 23:13 - 11 years ago
Hey! So I used your Piano and Synth Pad in my new beat! So here it is!
Hope you like it!
loskats 21st Mar 2013 05:09 - 11 years ago
when i download it sends the loop straight to itunes and then it won't play the loop. It's asking to located and have not idea where to find it.
anyone know a better way to download?
loskats 21st Mar 2013 04:58 - 11 years ago
I absolutely love this!!!!
hamood 20th Mar 2013 07:09 - 11 years ago
hey morpheusd...
i really like your loops ...very very nice... :)
hamood 20th Mar 2013 07:08 - 11 years ago
hey morpehusd...
i really like your loops ...very very nice... :)
melodyok1 20th Mar 2013 04:05 - 11 years ago
I really like this.
morpheusd replied 20th Mar 2013 - 11 years ago
thx @ all
I hope you can use some of these loops to create a cool song :)
thespecialkid 18th Mar 2013 01:49 - 11 years ago
i was inspired
zombieme 17th Mar 2013 23:07 - 11 years ago

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