30th Aug 2009 17:59 - 14 years ago
Description : Some brass to command your attention! Perfect for a south track!!!

Comments (12)

If you have used this loop leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the track you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more loops.

Beatmaster81 1st Aug 2018 00:43 - 5 years ago
This is amazing love it thanks bro
Jnn 23rd Mar 2011 12:34 - 13 years ago
royalmobproductionz 22nd Dec 2010 02:59 - 13 years ago
ay dis 1 of my fav loops ive ever heard and i barely use them go check wat i did wit it out at da song called "dam rite im paid"
soundsgenius 27th Nov 2010 01:17 - 13 years ago
Hey whats good fam... I was checking out some of the loops on here and I ran across this one. I like it a lot so I downloaded it and would like to use it on a track may change it slightly., but wanted to let u kno and say thanks. Ill be uploading the track maybe even tonight or 2mar...
BeauRutledge 14th Nov 2010 22:34 - 13 years ago
shit hella fresh homie keep killen em
paul01 12th Aug 2010 03:02 - 13 years ago
like everyone else I'm really feeling this loop, nice job keep up the good work!
Lucas120494 27th Jan 2010 15:58 - 14 years ago
Great stuff yo!
DibbzDaGreat 8th Dec 2009 18:13 - 14 years ago
Great stuff. Sounds amazing. I'd use this
kkblackl86 4th Dec 2009 18:04 - 14 years ago
I like the loop, horns are beautiful instruments and i think the creation you made here is amazing. Keep up the good work. It kinda reminds me of somthing Jay Z would use.
Shehyee 22nd Oct 2009 18:11 - 14 years ago
cool man! I'd use this.. haha! thanks for the upload man!
RachelC 30th Sep 2009 15:16 - 14 years ago
Brass is a hard one, cause nothing beats the real thing! But this has a good sound. Nice one!
mcporter444 13th Sep 2009 15:39 - 14 years ago
haha this is absolutely cool proper has a in your face effect :)

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6th Jan 2020 21:50 - 4 years ago
Description : Contact me for exclusive loops
19th Jan 2022 17:47 - 2 years ago
Description : Melodic UK Drill melody made by Yoshi
11th Aug 2020 09:22 - 3 years ago
Description : Kid Cudi 6LACK Kanye West Spillage Village Earthgang Gunna
8th Jan 2021 10:10 - 3 years ago
Description : Make sure your 808s knocking enough on this one :X
if you want the part b, midi, just a producer friend or even more loops like this,, feel free to hit me up on Instagram (click profile picture)
stay blessed
17th Jul 2017 13:43 - 6 years ago
Description : I want to see what you guys can make of this trumpet melody.
P.S The other note I used with D# is C
7th Mar 2018 06:13 - 6 years ago
21st Nov 2022 08:14 - 1 year ago
Description : Loop made with One-Shots.
Classic Wheezy like brass chords.

Chord Progression:
G#m - D#m - Emaj
G#m - D#m - Emaj - Cm

Excited to see what you came up with!

Splits/Credits not necessary, but appreciated :)

TAGS: wheezy, Gunna, reezy, brass, trumpet, pad, sad, dark, hard
19th Apr 2020 10:43 - 4 years ago
Description : enjoy
9th May 2020 13:00 - 4 years ago
Description : 3 trombones, second part with trumpet
Contact me on Instagram if you want the MIDI file (free for selling beats)
23rd Feb 2020 00:20 - 4 years ago
Description : I mean, u could use it for Drill music ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Show me your work if u use it :)

D Major or Minor, either will work
16th Aug 2017 22:42 - 6 years ago
Description : Enjoy!
4th Feb 2023 10:39 - 1 year ago
Description : In the style of Chief Keef, Akachi, Glo
10th Apr 2012 18:11 - 12 years ago
Description : A trumpet with some delay on it. Will work with all the Gypsy loops in this group. The key is D minor. I put Samba as the genre but I guess it would fall under latin style or a number of genres.
28th Sep 2020 08:29 - 3 years ago
Description : This is an orchestra preset from Kontakt, not multiple. Thought it could add good energy to background of a track
Good for trap or rap. Click my pic for more loops and leave a comment if you use it please!
Eminem, Drake, Lil Wayne,
30th May 2018 21:35 - 6 years ago
Description : post soundcloud links if you used it