This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give arwynterry some feedback.

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Description : Hey folks, i decided to make a remix of the twerk song 'Wiggle' (Jason Derulo). Here you go.

-N O T E-

a good friend 'sang' the vocalpart for me and i edited it. he allowed me to upload his vocals here. so no need to worry dear admin, he allowed me to upload it and call it 'my work' as long as i credit him :)

Description : Synth rhythm loop, made on an Access Virus via Garage Band.

Description : for my upcoming song i just wanna see what you guys make.

i used a special massive preset with wishwash effect
and i think there is a flanger.

drop your tracks down below and ill check out your creations

Chur to the chur

Description : Reversed some sounds i made and it sounds pretty good. Made a beat using it already. Show me what you made with it in the comments.

Description : Wavy Mallets in B minor. Delayed, Filtered.

Description : Pretty close to the actual sound, just a little more filtered w/o the delay.

Description : synth loop
instagram: @sanel94

Description : ily guys, srry 4 this beats, they r all the same, fr B(

Description : Another sample that was sent out, but never reached, I guess. Whatever... Enjoy!

Description : C Double Harmonic Major- Produced by Mar Vibez of Retro Crush
Evil, Eerie, High Energy plucks warped behind an arp. This loop is in the style Southside x TM88. Gross beat works exceptionally well when added to this loop. Thanks for being apart of the Retro Crush Family. Look at our bio for more information.

Description : Comment with the beat/song you make. Ill repost my favorites on my soundcloud
@ niteclub

Description : "futuristic" sounding chords using arturia dx7

show me what ya got!

Description : Trippy space choir voices, Made in FL, link your transformations

Description : Drop your beat link if you use my melody loop and ill check it out. Message me for Exclusive Custom Loops.Contact Info on my profile page (Click on my profile picture)

Description : Comment with your beat/song if you use my melody loop so I can check it out!(I'll repost my favorites) Message me for Exclusive Custom Loops.Contact Info on my profile page (Click on my profile picture)

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