Description : Add a little reverb on top and it loops perfectly

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give Sloppy0 some feedback.

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Description : This is a soft pad loop I made! It can b used 4 either Rnb or HipHop. I havent used it yet but I will make something out of it! I also want 2 hear the creativity that you fellow LOOPERZ can come up with! Im tired of hearing jus the percussion (kick, clap, snare, hihat, etc...) parts added 2 my loops. Build around it! I wanna hear somethin I never heard b4! ENJOY!

Description : Chilling gated pad sound

Description : Chilling pad sound

Description : Another Pad loop made in FL Studio!
Let me know if you use this!

Description : Looperman i swear

Description : Uplifting key/pad chords inspired by the "DAMN." album. First half is chords only and second half is chords + melody.

Description : Gated Fall and Rise

Description : This is the Choir Pad solo'd by itself.

Description : Ryan Deshawn here. Just put in a little practice time on the keyboard. 10,000 hours it takes to become a master. I've probably hit that time. But I'm nowhere near a master in my eyes. Not a full blown Jedi yet..I may upload this as individual sounds if I get back to it.....Peace!

Description : Basically a great undertone once your beat is layered... i got the idea from many songs you hear on radios.

Description : this is the sound of your mind bending into itself....i think. It may sound more "schizoy" played in reverse, but what doesn't.

Description : use for whatever people (LF)

Description : use for whatever people (LF)

Description : Pad in G minor. Progression: C, D#, G, F.

Description : .....

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