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Description : Heres my newest Song, of course with Sergi Yaros Vocals, this guy has a great voice, hope You like it.No copright on this track. NJoy

Description : This is our first Song we finished together with my friend Mario. Its actually this song, that showed us, which kind of Music we fit in and we like to produce. We named it Ocean because at one point during production, we had the feeling beeing deep under the sea, because of the deep sample thats in the song. So we thought...why not call the song Ocean? :)
Hope u guys enjoy it.
Feel free to listen, comment and so on :)
We would be happy.

We Trance u ;)

Description : Its a Song i made at home.
i love doing music but im definetly a beginner so i would love to get some advices on what i could do better. but still hope you enjoy the track :)

Its not copyrighted but would be nice if
Youll credit me if you use it somehow! :)

Description : Long time ago i postet something here...meanwhile i started producing music with one of my best friends Mariusz Schiller aka. MArio. We named our porject MArio&dave This is our second song together, using Sergi Yaros Vocals....again....this guy has a great voice. Thank u Sergi :) Hope U enjoy.

We Trance U ;)

Description : Hey Guys.

As u know my friend and me decided to produce together as Mario&Dave, but...

our newest Project is a seperate of each other production so u can see our styles and get an idea of how we two are combining our ideas to a Track.

This one here is my part of the project.

Mario s Part will be uploaded soon.

Hope u like it and feel free to comment, like and leave critics if u like.
We are very deeply happy about everything and everyone :)

We Trance u ;)

Description : Like the Title says, i just had an Idea about something more fluffy, sweet peaceful like. Between all the Hard Tracks nowadays it was nice to make something more Quite. Hope you like this one and even if you dont thanks for stoping by. :)

Tracks 1 - 6 of 6
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