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Tags : | Jazz | 6.87 MB

Description : Recorded and uploaded this as an example for a track in a forum post forum. post.
Chords are various inversions of C and D triads over an A Bass with leads being mainly F#minor7 flat 5 and E minor 7 arpeggio based.

Tags : | Pop | 8.62 MB

Description : This is something from about 6 months ago done with a friend (vocals) from Canada. Been playing with my new Mastering toys so thought I'd chuck it up here.

Tags : | Jazz | 6.79 MB | Colab Request

Description : Just a jam track using quartal harmony in a jazz vehicle progression. I don't post much in the way of tunes here as most of my stuff goes way over size. YTHis one doesn't so I thought I'd chuck it up here.

Tags : | Jazz | 4.91 MB

Description : A Howard Morgan arrangement

Tags : | Jazz | 8.54 MB

Description : A live recording of a duo I am in with a vocalist playing a bistro type gig. Saved this as a demo as it shows we can play in a noisy venue, mainly due to quality foldback. We could not hear the crowd at all. Only our foldback.
Just checking it and I think I need to cut around 3k somewhere.

Description : Just a chance to upload a whole track her instead of loops.
This was based around a piano loop shares by ferry terry.

Tags : | Jazz | 6.19 MB | Colab Request

Description : I thought I would put this up and see if anyone was interested in doing anything with it. I will Post stems as loops if you are, with and /or without effects. I may have to post the lead guitar here though as it's 32 Bars and may not fit as a loop.

Tags : | Pop | 7.09 MB

Description : A live recording of an original song from about 15 years ago.

Tracks 1 - 8 of 8
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