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Description : guitar

Description : buty100minor

Description : fffff

Description : stringspadnfluteloop

Description : lofipiano

Description : maybe good, idk

Description : lofi piano loop

Description : .....

Description : also shit
ps: the individual stems are deleted, so dont bother asking for them.

Description : shits

Description : lofi keys

Description : the sleep

Description : C minor but slightly detuned. Tempo might be somewhat off.

Description : RnB chords with texture

Description : adgadgadgadgadgadgadg

Description : ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Description : .....

Description : Played on a detuned nylon guitar, layered with vinyl crackle. Chords are: Gmaj7, F#7b9, Gmaj7, F#7b9, Gmaj7, D7, C#7#9, Abm7. Second to last chord is the note C#

Description : Some keys and reverses through a comb filter

Description : Sample Chop

Description : Lofi is easy

Description : Guitar sample through a comb filter, layered with vinyl crackle.

Description : Dark Lo-fi piano with vinyl crackle.

Description : Warm jazz piano, faint rhodes.

Description : Gospel inspired chord progression. Layered piano and gayageum.

Loops 1 - 25 of 26
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