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  • From : paris, France
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Description : Just Phaser Bass Melody

Description : Just Keys Delay Reeverb

Description : Just Violin Melody Companion Strings
Orchestral Companion Strings Sonivox VSTI PLUGIN

Description : Just Vocal Pad Space Angel

Description : Just piano melody
mini grand vsti plugin

Description : Just Pad Violin
mix with "Bass Melody Retro SynthWave"

Description : Just Lazer Bass FX

Description : Just Oriental Violin Melody

Description : Just Bass Melody Retro SynthWave

Description : Just Lead Kristal Pan Reeverb

Description : Just Violin Synth Melody

Description : afraid music french TV show , try made same sound

Mix with sound :
Disaster Terrible Ambiance A Violin

Description : just bass synth sub
Made with Serum VSTI Plugin

Description : Mix with sound :
Disaster Terrible Ambiance B Sub

Description : Just Lead Bass Delay Reeverb
Made with serum VSTI

Description : Just Sweetcase Chords
sweetcase Noise ASH plugin vsti

Description : Just a little melody kristal serum

Description : Just soft bass melody

Description : Just Piano Loop 4 chords melody
Minigrand VSTI plugin

Description : juste 4 chords melody sidechain 1/2
made with serum

Description : bass arpeg serum

Description : just loop hats and hits

Description : just loop kick and snare for dubstep or drum&bass
(without percs hat ride etc...)

Description : piano melody from vst "mini grand"

Description : CHORDS PAD BELLS suite

Loops 1101 - 1125 of 1127
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