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  1. Sireone
    Sireone on Thu 30th Apr 2009 - 12 years ago
    Commented on sean price by laviathin

    Nice, I like the feel of this one a lot. Gritty, nice use of samples. would probably like a few of the trippier sounds brought out a little more. Peace, Sireone

    Reply by laviathin

    If you put any words to this beat send me and mp3 of the session at

  2. Sireone
    Sireone on Wed 25th Feb 2009 - 12 years ago
    Commented on One for the money ft SireOne RMX by Constanthin

    You hooked this track up sweet! I especially like the ending, the grinding bass lingers in my head well after the track is finished. Fresh!



  3. Sireone
    Sireone on Fri 20th Feb 2009 - 12 years ago
    Commented on We Gotta Make It by realizet813

    Nice work, sounds very current, uplifting triumphant sound, big bass, tight snare rolls.



  4. Sireone
    Sireone on Sat 7th Feb 2009 - 12 years ago
    Commented on Reality Check_ft. sireone by spacestationwagon

    Just heard the the track sounds good. I like what you did with the vocals, and also how you turned the middle part into a chorus at the end. When I wrote the lyrics I had always envisioned guitars being a main part of it, and listening to your interpretation of what the music should be showed that it can work. Particularly some of the places where you let the guitars build with the what was being said in the vocals.

    Thanks for putting it out there for the people.



    Reply by spacestationwagon

    when i found your acapella the music was finish. your vocals fit in like butter!
    this one is a keeper!

  5. Sireone
    Sireone on Tue 14th Oct 2008 - 12 years ago
    Commented on Compadre - PuRay by PuRay

    I like the organs especially. Keep grindin', Peace!

  6. Sireone
    Sireone on Tue 7th Oct 2008 - 12 years ago
    Commented on Bells n Chimes by ShogunGhostwriter

    I like how you have a lot of different sounds coming and going yet it doesn't lose the flow. Good Stuff!

Comments 1 - 6 of 6
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