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Dvibe 29th Jun 2010 22:30 - 14 years ago

on The World of Crash 6 by Planetjazzbass
Man goota tell ya yoour loops are so quality..downloaded quite a few..thanks...yur the greatest...peace D
Dvibe 29th Jun 2010 22:05 - 14 years ago

on Hard Dance Drum W Clap by mhyst
Man ya got some kool riffs ill use...thanks
Dvibe 7th Dec 2009 23:44 - 14 years ago

on Tabla Combined 120 by PsychotropicCircle your loops has always..ill be doin a track with my live instruments soon...peace...look up my last ones...
Dvibe 7th May 2009 23:07 - 15 years ago

on Slap and Fretless 100 by PsychotropicCircle
Man ya got some great loops keep them comin...peaceDvibe
Dvibe 14th Feb 2009 04:03 - 15 years ago

on Evoc Drums 6-8 120 by PsychotropicCircle
Love your used your brush beat in one of my songs...Title dont get uptight have a look..a listen i mean...
Dvibe 11th Feb 2009 23:58 - 15 years ago

on dubstep loop 6 by Tiltedbeats
ah finally found your loops...take a look at my track titled...escaping the demonds...its your beat loop...thanks...Peace Dvibe
Dvibe 11th Feb 2009 23:11 - 15 years ago

on Reggeaton Beat Mavado Style 04 by DustHill got some real nice groovy beats goin on..ive downloaded some ..and will surely put some of my live music on them... thanks for sharing...Peace....Dvibe
DustHill replied Unknown
u welcome Dvibe, thxx for reviewin! enjoy
Dvibe 7th Feb 2009 02:41 - 15 years ago

on Full Phased Rhodes 98 by PsychotropicCircle
Psychotropic.....your loops are out of this world..different styles and a very good quality...your are a Great Looper and musician from what i hear...its thanks to guys like you that makes music so wonderfull..i cant thank you enough..ive downloaded about 50 of your loops and will listen to many more...
thank you again...and thanks to Looperman..for making it possible
Peace Dvibe
Dvibe 7th Feb 2009 02:14 - 15 years ago

on Ethnic Combination 98 by PsychotropicCircle
Love your loops...ill be using them for sure..i play my own istruments..guit..bass...synth...and sing..and always looking for good drum beats....thanks..ill tell when ill upload a tune...go listen to my tunes...youll see what i mean..
thanks again..Peace Dvibe
Dvibe 13th Jan 2009 23:03 - 15 years ago

on Laney sax 04 by SLAPJOHNSON
Love your playin Slap..downloded a few..thks for sharin...peace Dvibe
Dvibe 13th Jan 2009 23:01 - 15 years ago

on mrrobot Electronic Arp G 125 by MrRobot
MR Robot...ya got some serious loops man..downloaded a few..thks for sharing..Peace Dvibe
Dvibe 13th Jan 2009 23:00 - 15 years ago

on HMNN Simple Vibraphone by HMNN
Nice Loop...thks for sharin...Dvibe
Dvibe 13th Jan 2009 22:55 - 15 years ago

on FV Flange Beat 90 by Dj_Fred_Val
Man you got some good grovves goin on...i downloaded a couple...thanks for sharin..those loops is it you on the drums or are they software mix??..peace....Dvibe
Dj_Fred_Val replied Unknown
Thx for your review Dvibe, much appreciated ...
I use various soft, for this loop, i use Magix Music Maker 6
Dvibe 13th Jan 2009 22:44 - 15 years ago

on moon cult by Dj4Real
ya got some preety good loops..thanks for sharin..i dowloaded some...peace Dvibe
Dvibe 26th Dec 2008 23:20 - 15 years ago

on Row S Reggae by dj_rows
Ive been lookin for who made this see my track Comin down..I added some synth and i sing good comments on it..Thanks to your beat..Thanks alot..keep them comin...
Dvibe 26th Dec 2008 23:13 - 15 years ago

on Ragganjha by lucs
Wow..Real nice clear ...good beats..ill surely us in a ract...Great you are...
Dvibe 26th Dec 2008 17:23 - 15 years ago

on dream bells by Dj4Real
Pretty Koll ...loops..ill be using some in my songs...thks
Dj4Real replied Unknown
go right ahead, feel free..
Dvibe 26th Dec 2008 17:07 - 15 years ago

on delayed beeps by Tiltedbeats
Yea your loops are real Kool...ill be using some and upload soon..i downloaded abouut 15 of them ...thanks..peace
Tiltedbeats replied Unknown
sweet man! please do upload your tunes when done, id love to hear them ;)
i've got more coming soon!
Comments (18)