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Description : There is one loops from rileymicheal ,backsound from aveh but 2 others from nikkasaur (great work for'em , big up) So i just added the drumps , hit , clap , snare etc... I did little moment before the drop go if some rappers or singers want to sing/rap on it ^^ Enjoy :) !!
If you love EDM (Trap , Dubstep , House , Electro etc...) check my other last song & my account:

Tags : | Rap | 8.17 MB | Adult Content

Description : That NEW new club banger by yours truly. All audio/vocal production done by me, JT. Thanks to ProgressBeats for the East Coast Drums, and thanks to WeazelBeats for the Twerk and Clap Snare. Looperman giveth unto me, and I giveth back.

Like the song? Download it from my Soundcloud page! (Or just listen to it here on never ending repeat)

Tags : | Electronic | 9.71 MB

Description : I made this track with some arppegios, Clap, Bass, Kick 909, Normal kick, Snare and some hats. All with a base of reggaeton

Tags : | Cinematic | 8.30 MB

Description : This track contains only free loops from several Looperman artists. Enjoy!

Applied loops (fully or partially):

CENTRIST: 0079105-0057561 (Leaving a Legacy - Main Strings Build), 0079105-0057560 (Leaving a Legacy - Main Strings),0079105-0057559 (Leaving a Legacy - Final Strings),
XXSNIPERXX: 0798480-0081769 (TRAP PACK No2 Hat Loop), 0798480-0083534 (TRAP PACK No4 Bass),
DRMISTERSIR: 0208341-0073663 (offpoint), 0208341-0073326 (stay bizy trunk thumper),
THEOFFICIALFROSTBITE: 0797099-0065711 (That Generic Trap String), 0797099-0065712 (That Generic Trap Trombone),
EBCOTT3: 0626891-0069594 (Dark Piano and Synth Trap Loop), 0626891-0079497 (Deadly Drums),
SHORTBUSMUSIC: 0500098-0072481 (Tokyo Lights Polophony),
LOOPFREAK: 0531700-0073756 (Stuck in the Dirty South - Tubular Bells),
SEANKH: 0677589-0069246 (synth while you work),
KRISTIJANN: 0711069-0071946 (LOOK AT ME),
BDENNEY: 0805869-0068329 (Wild For The Night INTRO DRUMS),
STREETSBEATZ: 0959110-0062623 (Ratchet Gutta - Ride),
NEURO: 0674084-0075917 (Fingers Crossed),
KRITEX: 0823832-0076627 (Normal Trap Beat),
YGPRODUCTONS: 0754277-0081190 (Im Back Clap),
STEVEJAZ: 1118799-0069952 (Jazz loop in F),
SINTHETICRECORDS: 0403648-0051082 (Sinthetic - Sub Bass),
3RDNIPPLEMUSIC: 0609523-0068579 (nv flpluck ethereal 90),
ULTRAMEADOW: 0242823-0014943 (Electro Dirty Loop),
TECHSEEKER: 1107241-0073336 (5 Seconds Only - Delayed Percussion Fill),
NEEZLE: 0689209-0077281 (Squeaky Trap Lead),
BLAZINS: 0321894-0028473 (Low Blow),
BUG: 0067564-0001416 (Minimal),
ANDULAH: 0267062-0074744 (Celt Islam Future Bass),
DOZYDEVIL: 0668753-0057186 (Class Wobble Loop),
DUBTEK: 0831304-0060241 (Dubstep Skittish Bass loop),
DANKE: 0671112-0082860 (Ghosty drum),
REFL3XDUBSTEP: 1045829-0068786 (braken-to-the-stars-melody-synth) - deleted user?

Description : Uses the loop Hay Is for Horses by drmistersir and clap clap kick by reed1415

Description : This one we all wrote it in the lab....collaboration in order of verses...clap,suisun ca/Manik,vallejo ca/DonJuan,vallejo,ca......Bay Areas talent just doing what we love to do.

Description : House Electronic Bass and Drum,Snare,Clap,Hithat,Percussion,Dot,Blank & FX.

Description : First Of all I'd like to thank All the contributors of samples to this site much Appreciated. In this traQ I used 2 beats one at the beginning and one is the foundation of the traQ, I never use one beat I layer my traQs with about 3,4 or more beats to get a different sound plus effectsin Logic. A big fan of Pat Metheny I was learning a guitar part from the way up album. Wanted to color way out the box so the foundation beat here I couldn't resist (Thank U looperman-l-0373650-0057551-gman15-killer-drum-loop.wav and looperman-l-0676737-0065505-dontrale1-clockwork-snare-and-clap.wav) I felt the Pat part I learned didn't go so I put it at the end and came up with a different guitar part that fit perfectly with this traQ. I'm an Instrumentalist who's goal is to create not just for radio but for movies/TV etc. I listen to all genres especially jazz but when I create I fuze sounds together.....I'm not pop or R&B country jazz...I just like creating good music. Please Enjoy and again thank you for your talents and time (" P.S. as far as collab I like to keep things clean I'm no gangster or from the streets so I won't go there. A child of God so I must represent ("

Description : Latest Track by DJ Vicky.
Music Produce By DJ Vicky. Rap is done By Mrshammi.

Tags : | House | 3.61 MB

Description : Clap kind of not good but yeah.

check my other stuff out if you want :

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.71 MB

Description : a greek beat

Tags : | Techno | 3.35 MB | Featured

Description : Hi There :D

i made a lil Club Track for some (Re)mixes.
140 Bpm ;)

I made some Loops from this. This helps you to extend this Track, maybe :)

The Acapella is from steklo, you find this here

Tags : | Deep House | 7.73 MB | Featured

Description : A deep house remix I did. Starts off quite exotic, gently progressing into a 2/4 clap beat while maintaining that tropical sweetness.
Original acapella from Jenny Mayhem & Jesse Taylor "Could Be". Recorded at DNA Recording Facility, Toronto.

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.07 MB

Description : underground

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.72 MB | Featured

Description : Chill Hip hop with piano, strings, violin, kick, snare, clap, Very chill. Could also be R&B. Very Relaxing.

Tags : | Rap | 9.55 MB


Description : I recorded a kick and clap using my zoom H4 in my song Into The Sunset and I really liked how I used it and decided to use the kick and clap for a separate song. I had originally planned to rap over it and make a nice southern rock beat buuuuuut plans changed. Let me know what you think.
For the record, I punched and slammed my door to get the kick/stomp effect and I clapped a bunch of times and recorded them and layered them and fixed the timing. I think this track has plenty of room for improvement. If you have anything to say, please say it. AND recommend a genre. I put it in the country category because of the southern riffs and the western feel I was trying to accomplish. Not sure if I hit it off as well as I would've liked since my voice isn't deep enough.
AND if you use any of my music or samples or whatever, please let me hear/see how you used it. I won't press charges or get mad. I'll more than likely get excited. :D

Tags : | Chill Out | 3.95 MB

Description : Uplifting instrumental track with loops from Xray731 and elsewhere. I hadn't realised I had used three of his until the end.

Much gratitude for the following loops:
Xray731 violin loop (
Xray731 3D synth (
Xray731 3D mallet (
KoolKYLE chill clap (
Toloache 80bpm strong acoustic drum loop (

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.88 MB

Description : Focused on thickening the clap on this one. Lets see what you can do with it...

Tags : | Hip Hop | 4.55 MB

Description : Created in Reason, Mastered in Logic...tight snare, battle melody...lets see what you can do with this bad love if downloaded

Description : My Vocals, My beat, enjoi. If you wack and you know it clap yo hands.

Tags : | House | 2.50 MB | Featured

i have used a delay effect on the melodie
no samples no loops on this track I HAVE CREATED MY KICK - CLAP - HIHAT - OHIHAT AND DRUMS LIKE AFRO TRIBAL HOUSE OK listen and enjoyy ^^

Tags : | Hip Hop | 7.39 MB

Description : A hip hop beat a rare one from me enjoy!

Tags : | Techno | 1.03 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Demosound. Coming soon full track. Yet prepared a complete mastering. There are not many sound effects, so don't worry :) (kick,hh,clap,3xOsc,lead,a bit fx...and Gross Beat,Eq2-5,rev plug,fruity chorus fruity Eq,and more) izotope last mastering...all my own work.

Description : Life Is Dawn (Attempt 1)
Piano by Martin (Minor2go)

Im not sure for this track, the basic idea is want do a rap and another clap clap, but not easy to sing and rap with foreign discuss

its go bad while last verse

and want to put some drumbeat, but while usin this stretch piano, could find fit tempo for this *cause stretched*

Piano by Martin (Minor2go) from sad story loop (i forgot which one), add some bow and guitar

(gonna fix it next time, whole part, but i'm too lazy)

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