Tags : | Rap | 2.62 MB | Adult Content

Description : A song i am currently working on. Not sure the genre. Has a little of everything but i just put it as rap. Thanks MINOR2GO for the loops

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  1. EvanBaker
    EvanBaker on Sat 9th Apr 2016 - 4 years ago

    Eyedye, I'm not going to continue an argument I'm on your level as far as the rap track you had I make music like that dude. I rap all the time. I mean your good on that one like fire. I think you have to learn how to take the negative comments to bro on another level. Business side as a Man I'd do a track with you

  2. EvanBaker
    EvanBaker on Fri 8th Apr 2016 - 4 years ago

    It's okay, it has art and talent but nobody can take you seriously with this ID delete it.

    Reply by LilEmolyte

    Delete yourself peasant and try again when your on my level.

  3. EvanBaker
    EvanBaker on Fri 8th Apr 2016 - 4 years ago


  4. JodyJames
    JodyJames on Thu 11th Dec 2014 - 5 years ago

    Hey Eyedye...great use of the loop....i like your originality keeps things fresh...clean mix to.keep up the good work.



    Reply by LilEmolyte

    Thanks for stopping by man :)and imma get to work on your song asap

  5. DrunkDubz
    DrunkDubz on Wed 10th Dec 2014 - 5 years ago

    just watch the master output. turn it down some for clearer sound. but nice mix and vey original. I like people who do there own vibes, sound more natural. good job

    Reply by LilEmolyte

    Ive done a little more work on the output volume of some parts already, still learnin tho :) Thanks for the listen and input.

  6. benjizo
    benjizo on Tue 9th Dec 2014 - 5 years ago

    Sounds good,feel like a slim shady inspired record.

    Reply by LilEmolyte

    Thanks for the compliment :)

  7. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed on Sat 6th Dec 2014 - 5 years ago

    Its obvious you have the writing/lyrics abilities EYEDYE...the vocal delivery thing is one I have never mastered but looks like you are getting some input from our Looperfriends who know more about that than me...I agree with Orlando`s comments about the music/voice combination having a bit of the rock opera vibe...are you using a vocal coach at all??...might be worth a thought if you can find someone...I only mention it as I hear all kinds of potential in the way you combine words & music...and sometimes finding the right genre nitch is a key to falling into that more comfortable zone...my initial observation would be that your style might actually fit a pop music style better??...hope that doesn`t bug you as I mean it in a positive way....just keep at it...I`ve been doing it most of my life & still have a long way to go....good job....Ed

    Reply by LilEmolyte

    Hey ED, I did have a vocal teacher when i was doing some college, but that was months ago. Ive been looking into getting another, but proves to be very expensive haha. Im glad you think that i have tons of potential. And its been troublesome to find my best genre, as i can do most and try all. But more and more i have found myself into a more pop/rock type, so i take no offense at all haha. I can see how you think saying that would offend me, looking at whats considered 'pop' nowadays.
    Anyways, thanks for stopping by, and i hope to hear more from you soon :)

  8. JAweGuy
    JAweGuy on Fri 5th Dec 2014 - 5 years ago

    I liked it. Not what I'd usually listen to but it kept me interested! Nice work.

    - JAweGuy

    Reply by LilEmolyte

    always good to bring people in even if its not the genre they'd listen to :) Thanks for listening

  9. XyIlent
    XyIlent on Thu 4th Dec 2014 - 5 years ago

    cant go wrong with a MINOR2GO loop lol, nice vocals man :) i do also agree with some of what Evisma said, but its well written, sang and produced so above all nice track keep it up :)

    Reply by LilEmolyte

    hey Xyllent, Thanks for stoppin by :) I appreciate your kind words.

  10. GrandWolf22
    GrandWolf22 on Thu 4th Dec 2014 - 5 years ago


    Reply by LilEmolyte


  11. KrayzieB
    KrayzieB on Thu 4th Dec 2014 - 5 years ago

    dude that shits dope... the intro (before you even started flowing) made me wanna download it right away... lol.... drop me an email dude.. I like what I heard.. maybe we could do some music over the internet or something.. my email is

    where you live mayne?

    Reply by LilEmolyte

    Thanks for stopping by and taking a listen. Ill send you an email to talk more about what it is you are looking for.

  12. Evisma
    Evisma on Tue 2nd Dec 2014 - 5 years ago

    Hey Mr. Dye

    The falsetto thing is mostly you not projecting your voice. Power should be coming from the diaphragm. It sounds like it's coming from your throat.

    The pitch thing is just, it doesn't sound like you wrote "notes" to sing in parts. It seems kinda "fast and loose" right now. Like I said, I know this is in the early stages so I shouldn't judge it like it was finished.

    I do like where you're going with this. Maybe there's pointers on projecting your voice and whatnot online.

    Hope all is well.


    Reply by LilEmolyte

    I understand what your saying now. I am still working on projection, sometimes ill do it correctly, other times not. I appreciate all your input. Glad you enjoy where this is going, and i hope when its all done you can come back with even more great feedback. Take care :)

  13. GregVincey
    GregVincey on Tue 2nd Dec 2014 - 5 years ago

    It feels kind of an R&B sound but something els.

    Reply by LilEmolyte

    Thanks for the listen

  14. Evisma
    Evisma on Mon 1st Dec 2014 - 5 years ago

    Moments reminiscent of "Mindless Self-Indulgence".

    You sing in a low falsetto sometimes, like a loud whisper. Odd. Pitch seems kinda hard to pin down. Seems like you spent time on the lyrics, but not the delivery. I know you'll make it better and that this is in it's early form.

    Take care


    Reply by LilEmolyte

    Hey Evisma, good to hear from you again. i definitely had some fun with the lyrics and i agree that the delivery can be better in some areas. Also, is the odd whisper falsetto a good thing? Cuz sometimes it just happens. And when you say the pitch seems kinda hard to pin down do you mean for you? Or for me to sing?
    Anyways, Thanks for stopping by :)

  15. promenade2239
    promenade2239 on Fri 28th Nov 2014 - 5 years ago

    nice vocals and music so far. I sort of assume it is already finished anyway because I cant imagine the rest of the song.
    Are you going to add some synth solo, or?
    Nice work so far and looking forward for the continuation. Alex

    Reply by LilEmolyte

    This is actually the only part ive done. The actual song is done, just not the lyrics or recording. I plan to add a few different things when its all said and done though. Be sure to look out for it :)

  16. Orlando51
    Orlando51 on Fri 28th Nov 2014 - 5 years ago

    Very promissing preview, I must say! I really like the vocals
    and as if there's a bit of rock-opera style in it...very interesting.:)


    Reply by LilEmolyte

    Hey Orlando good to see ya :) Thanks for stopping by, glad you liked it.

    DJSLTUK on Fri 28th Nov 2014 - 5 years ago

    This is very good....I like your vocals and the story to this song.

    The piano really contributes the words well



    Reply by LilEmolyte

    Thanks so much :)

  18. RameyRae
    RameyRae on Tue 25th Nov 2014 - 5 years ago

    Oh and I play off Minor2Go a lot too. So if you ever need female vox to collab with someday. I'm always up for it.

    I'd like to upload more of my stuff but apparently there's this rule of one song per day and it discourages me, lol


    Reply by LilEmolyte

    Thanks for the kind words :) I'll definitely do some messing around with backing vocals. And ill keep the collabs in mind, i may just have ude for them haha. And one song per day? Didnt even know haha. Never tried i guess. I like just one song getting looked at for a long time so i can get the most out of feedback. Keep up what your doing, and ill keep everything in mind :)

  19. RameyRae
    RameyRae on Tue 25th Nov 2014 - 5 years ago

    Oh no problem, hon!

    The preview thing I totally understand.

    I get about trying different angles. It's the best part in all this. Singing out short melodies behind certain areas in this track really does compliment it.

    Though, it rocks as is! So whatever you decide. Can't wait to hear it completed!
    Again, keep rocking!
    -Rae (Bre)

  20. RameyRae
    RameyRae on Tue 25th Nov 2014 - 5 years ago

    Most def!

    I put silent screams (my signature) in my stuff ..
    Sick track

    I was singing freestyles some backings

    You could also add backings not to layer what's there it but to fill it out? That's my suggestion ..
    Though, overall great track

    Keep rocking!
    -Rae (Bre)

    Reply by LilEmolyte

    Thanks for the input! :) As this is just a preview, im still working on the rest of it, and i may take that advice into consideration. Might add some more style and variety to it.

  21. samern
    samern on Tue 25th Nov 2014 - 5 years ago

    Hi Bro
    absolutely it Has a little of everything
    the piano was great with everything else
    and with me as a Metal an rock fan
    the screaming part was amazing
    for me i think that mixing music styles can give such a great results


    Reply by LilEmolyte

    Thanks for your comment man. I cant seem to stay in one genre on most sings haha. But glad you like the mix of styles :)

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