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Description : Sugar..Spice...And Everything nice...blah blah perfect little girls blah blah..Chemical X!!!
LML- Hope you guys like!

Description : Inspired by the Chords in Avenged Sevenfold's Critical Acclaim. I started to add a hiphop twist but then I said f*** it. I hope you guys make can use it.

Description : Goes with Untitled. Im still working on it, which is why I sent it bundled up like this

Description : Goes with the Untitled drumsNarp. As I mentioned, Im still in construction phase of this, so everything is grouped up like this. Got lucky on finding this vst. Synth1 is all I know, but I got a massive soundbank! You guys should look it up!

Description : Real Trap Spit.
Got removed because of the tail that I aint think about.

Loops (5)