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Description : little of my vocals i'm not gonna use.

"stop your crying what you gotta be so, sad about mr tough guy, never let your feeling out, wont you be a man, put you back on the grin man"

Description : simple little filler for the vocals

Description : super basic kick

Description : piano loop

Description : Made in Fl studio

Description : Can't find a use for it, Hope it helps

Description : I'd love to hear what you come up with!

Description : made in fl 12

Description : made in FL12

Description : THe D

Description : Made another vocal loop that sounds pretty cool, I'd love to hear what you can come up with!

Description : lofi piano

Description : Sounds better with the bass and some hard trap drums.

Description : Description:

Description : I'd LOVE to hear what you can come up with!

Description : Good trap, or chill beats.

Description : i was fucking around with my voice and came up with this, hope its usefull, id love to see what you can come up with!

Description : a chill piano for a deep beat.

Description : I don't know wtf i just made, i recorded my voice in different layers, and created this by accident, hopefully someone can get some use out of it.

Description : Its a high piched reversed Piano. House, Trap, Emotional, Chillout, House, Hiphop

Description : Kendrick jcole type melody.

Loops 1 - 21 of 21
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