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Description : whole lotta nothing

Description : hey whats good

Description : how long has it been

Description : go crazy and link me them

i look at every comment i jus forget to reply sometimes lol

Description : sorry for not uploading a lot

Description : i made some really fire loops lately but for some reason I didn't like this one idk y

oh and i made this with nexus and electrax

Description : yaaaaa

Description : made using electrax

Description : loop was inspired by jvst x

Description : i made this using electrax but i couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with it so yeah.

sorry for the long ass loop

Description : sorry for inactivity i was busy wit school

you know i was going to use omnisphere to make this but it crashed so i used nexus instead.

Description : made this melody a while ago

used dune 2

Description : very happy. used nexus and massive

Description : link ur tracks

Description : betrayed type melody. second half is with bass

inspired by lil xan - betrayed (obviously)

used massive and nexus

Description : ok dexter type melody/remake used nexus and drza vol 2 aka the best expansion pack ever made.

Description : enjoy

Description : roll in peace melody but reversed

Description : do what you want with this sample. i was suppose to release a track with this but i figured i should just scrap it.

idea came from that freestyle video

Description : merry xmas.

i was gonna make a track wit this but i wasnt feeling it

Description : hey sorry about the lack of loops ive been busy

Description : I was going to make something with this but I couldn't finish it so here

Description : Similar to Best Friend, used sakura for harp

Description : enjoy

Description : as requested

Loops 1 - 25 of 28