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Description : The main lead synth bass from my track Drum N Bass. Have fun with it!

Description : Nice lead

Description : A high pitch pad with tremolo

Description : An electro-buzz sound synth

Description : A gated synth loop

Description : A plucky guitar synth loop

Description : Arp synth

Description : Arp chords.

Description : A synth loop.

Description : A nice melody made with sylenth.

Description : Nice synth loop.

Description : Plucky synth loop

Description : A buzz sound synth loop.

Description : Looped D&B drum beat made in FL Studio.

Description : A dark arp synth pad loop made with Nexus.

Description : Delayed attack on a synth made with Sylenth.

Description : A beep sound arp.

Description : Pluck synth.

Description : Plucky bell-like synth loop.

Description : A sliding pad with slight pitch LFO automation.

Description : A plucky synth loop made with sylenth, slight reverb.

Description : Nice sounding synth made with Nexus, delay FX.

Description : A buzzing synth sound with note slide effect made in sylenth.

Description : An arpeggio synth made with Sylenth.

Description : An electro pluck synth made in Sylenth with small delay.

Loops 1 - 25 of 30
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