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Description : For people that just want something simple, you know...XO

Description : Another mans trash is another mans treasure...XO
Leave a link if you make anything Ig

Description : A lil sad loop for my fellow producers : )
Leave a link. XO

Description : I wish Offset can come to Canada and save me from the student life : (. Apart from that, enjoy the loop and leave me some links. XO

Description : The first 8 bars are with hi hats and the other 8 is without. Keep in mind, this is not your average drum loop. Leave a link to the beat you used it in. XO

Description : You can make a NAV type beat as well with it, if you reverse it again

Description : with a lil bit of work you can make this a banger my guys

Description : So I remade the start of "Blue Tint" by Drake and then slowed it down and made another melody on it and it came out on some Ski Sh!t
(link some projects please)

Description : After uploading a trash a$$ loop I had to make it up to ya'll with this one, I defo wanna hear yall projects for this one considering i couldn't come up with anything

Description : Not gonna lie, the only reason im putting this is because I think its trash but they're always someone that can use it.....right?

Description : This loop I made is inspired by X's song featuring Matt OX

Description : I made this a couple of months ago with the Nexus piano "DX Era", can't remember what else I used but whateva, hopefully it's usable, link me them projects pls

Loops 1 - 12 of 12
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