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Description : same progression as bellz and stones but with a lead.
Description : same as bellz with a different intstrument
Description : Just a simple bell loop.
Description : Simple Drum Pattern to go along with the other sounds
Description : Part 2
Description : Just a part 1 of a simple concept I put together, nothing flashy.
Description : Sub, Kick, 2 High Hats, Cymbal, Snare and Snaps. Just a little simple concept I threw together real quick. Feed back is always welcome and if you use, would like to hear what you come up with.
Description : HH, OH, Clap, Snap, Sub Bass (as kick) Crash Cym. Made in FL 11.
Description : A little Pluck concept I came up with for a new Dance Track called "Free Fall" I am putting together. Made in FL Studios 11. Feel free to use for inspirational purposes and feed back is always welcome.
Description : Last but not least, the synths to Round Here. Again, if you happen to use what I have shared, I would love the hear what you got. Thanks
Description : Strings to Round Here.
Description : This is the Bass/Sub line for Round Here.
Loops 1 - 12 of 12
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