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Description : Moar pHat cHords using the sweetness rHodes preset in OmnispHere. Amaj7/G#7/C#min7

Description : Some processed guitar made with reverb.

Description : Made with Omnisphere using a preset called sweet rhodes.

Description : Moar bossa nova pHun with humanization. C69/Bb(dim)/Amin7/D9(b5)/Gmaj7/Gmin6/G#13/G7b5

Description : Another bossa nova guitar loop with some walking bass made in omnisphere. Dmaj/G7/Cmaj/A7

Description : Guitar pickings with delays. Em - Bmaj

Description : Made with omnisphere using a preset called "Coffee can kalimba coin"

Description : He's a madman yo. Made with omnisphere using the "Haunted Dream Piano" preset.

Description : Just some maj9 chords made with lofi VP-330 pads in omnisphere.

Description : Bossa Nova guitar made with Omnisphere. Good for lo-fi or "bossa beats"?

Description : Jazzy chords made with omnisphere.

Description : Rhodes piano.

Description : Dry recording of my Jagstang. Bbmin7-Bmaj7.

Description : A RnB sounding sample with 4 bars arpeggios and some runs on the second half. Made in Omni 2.

Description : Made with Omni 2.

Description : Was trying to come up with something that sounds like ICYTWAT on my guitar? Chords are Dmaj9, Dbmin9, Cmaj9, Bmaj9. I used Acid Rock XS preset for the Hardcore VST effects in FL. Hope usable.

Description : Jazzy Jagstangs

Description : Dreamy piano made with Omnisphere 2.

Description : Made with Omni 2 using a preset called Boombox Vibrato Organ.

Description : Lex Luger inspired chord changes. Made with Omni 2 using a preset called VYGR - Water Stars.

Description : Made with Omnisphere 2 using a preset called Sweetness Rhodes.

Description : For this rnb style guitar loop I used the Underwater Hardcore preset and added some variations with hammer-ons and pull-offs in the second half. The chords are Em7, Bm7, Am7.

Description : Exotic sounding guitar loop. For this loop I played near the bridge to give it extra twangy sound.

Description : Made with FL Studio Hardcore plugin. I used the chill out preset. The chord is Gmaj7.

Description : Post rock sounding guitar loop in E minor. I used FL Hardcore with guitar pads as the preset for effects.

Loops 1 - 25 of 26
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