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Description : Fruity loops
Description : Fruity loops... I would love to hear what you come up with..
Description : part 3
Description : part 2
Description : Something new I just made, hope you can use it... Show me what you make..
Description : fl 11
Description : Made with Harmor in Fl 11
Description : Made with Harmless in FL 11
Description : Made in fl 11..... I dont know, its like a gift. Have some fun with this... I love hearing what you come up with..

Percussion in melodic form
Description : Classic vibe single110 FL10
Description : Part 2 FL 11
Description : Been a while, need to make some new ones...
Description : Have fun with this one, I would love to hear what you do wit it....
Description : Last of a three loop set....usable in most tracks
Description : Part 2...CLV Ovation set..... Usable in most tracks.... To get more like these, feel free to message me...
Description : Usable in most tracks.... Give some of my other loops a try as well..... If you would like my packs message me for info
Description : will work with any sound
Description : Can be used in most tracks... All loops tested
Description : Some more easy to use/ fit any thing synth loop, enjoy....hey I love hearing the tracks made with my loops
Description : Some new synth.... Good with any thing
Description : fruity loops 11
Description : made with fl 11
Description : fruity loops, show me what you can do with it
Loops 1 - 25 of 2509
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