15th Aug 2011 08:04 -  12 years ago
Description : I set the metronome to 180 while making these, but 90 should work.

Let me know if you have any problems re-sequencing them.

Dedicated to a fellow.

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Moativa 17th Sep 2012 11:52 -  11 years ago
Can i have a loop named after me?

ps, ty
eshar 15th Aug 2011 09:28 -  12 years ago
What did he do to deserve a loop named after him?
alividlife replied Unknown - 2025 years ago
The first impression was to rip into it.. but insteada getting all aggro I just made some loops about it.

Probably the smoother move.
(it's equal parts geniune and sarcastic)

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5th Sep 2021 11:45 -  2 years ago
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