Description : Made with EWQL SO Gold

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give PhantomKillahBeats some feedback.

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Description : very sad, its in 1/2 speed so if u take out of 1/2 not so sad synth

Description : Dirty South Strings

Description : Travis Scott feel to it.

Description : export from reason / fruity

Description : post links below

Description : This is part 2, which goes with the Guzheng loop which is part 1.

If you use this melody, put down your links below so I can hear what you guys did with this loop. If I like it enough I may even post it on my IG!

Description : Like cheese


If you use this loop please feel free to send me a link! I'd like to hear what you came up with!!!

Description : C Hungarian Minor - Produced by Mar Vibez of Retro Crush
Tragic Vox Strings. This loop is in the style of Tory Lanez x Playboi Carti. Thank you for being apart of the Retro Crush Family. Please head to our bio for more information!!!

Description : looperman i a man

Description : A bouncy pizz part of violin and viola...
Made with FruityLoops and DSK Strings plug-in..

Description : trap plucks with some gross beat

Description : Comment what you made!

Description : Fully made with Nexus. Half speeded on 75 percent with gross beat.

Description : Hope usable.
Used FL Keys, Default.
Send me ur fire beatz!

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