Description : made using massive

This loop is suffering from a lack of comments !
If you have time take a listen and give juicewave23 some feedback.

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Description : Gold plated Rhodes.

Description : Impro on chords Ebm Ab (Bb)
Reiner tenor sax in my song Quentin Road

Description : Reiner tenor saxophone solo on chords:
Abm7 / Db7 Eb7

Description : loop dump

Description : Impro on chords Ebm Ab (Bb)
Reiner tenor sax in my song Quentin Road

Description : Another sax loop from my associate C.Oneil mixed and cleaned in Adobe Audition 3 - could also be used for rnb, blues and jazz!!

Description : ........

Description : saxophone loop inspired by Keep it G - A$AP ROCKY

drop whatever you've made with it in the comments

Description : A simple trumpet melody I created that could fit for various types of songs. The key is on G, and has a tempo of 80bpm. Feel free to change the pitch and use however you want. Just show me what you come up with.

Description : A famous hard brass used in trap songs. I know most trap music producers have this instrument in their library, but I'm putting this up for the people who don't. Use how you want just show me the final product.

Description : Some steps by my brother Roberto for my song "Carmen dream" (Dmaj7 key)

Description : Enjoy and show me what you can do.

Contact me if you want this loop in a different key or tempo, or need a custom loop. A lot of you guys ask me if I have\do sample packs. YES I DO, contact me for info.

Recorded live on Yamaha YSS-475 soprano saxophone in a large hall, captured by SM57 and 420(ambience).

Description : Simple 80 BPM brass loop. Could be used for hip hop, trap, or even RnB. Have fun!

Description : Hi guys, would like to post all the loops for the track but links are not permited here. So you can go to youtube and just search for the track. In the describtion I have a link to all the stems:-)
Greetings Petayan

Description : Brass loop

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