ViatorDSP - Marauder

Developer : ViatorDSP 2542 0
Type : Plugin | OS : Win 64Bit, Mac 64Bit | Format : VST3, AU
Tags : Bit Crusher, Filter, Gain, Drive, Phase Inversion


Marauder, a bit crusher distortion! This plugin can absolutely crunch the audio into oblivion or subtly bit-reduce the audio.


  • Resample: lowers the sampling rate of the bit crusher circuit to get those sweet crushing tones.
  • Bit Depth: selector between 6 -16 bits for changing the resolution.
  • Noise: volume control for a special pink-noise circuit that interacts with the Bit Depth parameter in a dynamic way.
  • Mix knob for the overall wet/dry mix of the bit crusher effect.
  • Filter: filters the low-end of the frequency range, which actually cleans up a high-frequency artefact when changing the Resample parameter.
  • Jitter: a special algorithm that dynamically changes the accuracy of the downsampling and up sampling set by the Resample parameter.
  • Phase: Inverts the phase of the entire plugin.
  • Drive: Pushes the input into the bit crusher circuit harder creating a clipping effect.
  • Trim: Master volume control of the entire plugin.


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