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  • From : Saint Chrysostome, Canada
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About Me

I am Rats, bassplayer of Damnation, Bassplayer of Hypocryth, bassplayer drummer guitarist and vocalist of Mulchefye, Programmer of FUNKEN and Vomitus and S.P.T.L.

Instruments I play

I will attempt to play ANYTHING which is capable of making a sound. My personal favorites, however, are bass, guitar, and drums. AND dead skulls whose BRAINS have been scooped out. NOTHING beats the sound of THAT

Software I Use

IDD Internet Tape Deck, Hammerhead Rhythm Station, Audacity

Hardware I Use

whatever works man....i am partial to childrens toys that make a sound, plz see Beat Ill Unit...I have now pretty much mastered my Father's Technics KN-3000 (God Bless his sweet soul) so I am now actively using it in my recordings, particularly for live drums. The song "Cops R Nazis 2" was recorded using this method for the drums with mixed results...hell it was my first attempt at such a thing get off my back FUCK YOU *huff puff cough HACH HACK WHEEEZE pant puff exhale* sorry man lost my head

Listening To Right Now

mmm this is going to take some serious consideration. Let me get back to yas on THAT one then

10 Favourite Albums

1) Ramones (1st album, the one that blew the fuckin HEADS in the studio)
2) Led Zeppelin 4
3 Metallica combo (Cliff em all the video, and Master of puppets the album)
4) ANYTHING by early unknown punk bands (poikestulla, mixed nuts compilations, oi polloi, a.o.a., no fraud, no means no, rudimentari peni, gwar, barf (Blasting All Rotten F@#k&rs;), my dog popper the nils, celtic frost, posessed (their guitarist is now the guitarist of PRIMUS...go figure) DEVO, kraftwerk, rammstein, Jesus WEPT do I GOTTA CONTINUE!!

My Influences / Fav Artists

Any music which raises GOOSEBUMPS upon my infernal hide

My Music Sounds Like

Black Sabbath being f@#*&d in the @$$ by Slayer while dancing on Ketamine watching a Ramones concert

In My Other Life I ...

I skin small furry aminals and sell their MEAT for GRILLADES out here. Why, what did u THINK I did for a living?