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Description : Played in Fmin

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Description : This is one song of an EP i produced 2013 with female MC Yani Mo. This is exactly the kind of music that sounds like my loops. I hope you enjoy.

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Description : This song is different from my actual sound. But i hope you`ll like it. I produced this song for Truu Hayze and his album "No Dice To Die".

Description : This track is part of an Album from Allen Thomas. It was fun to work with him. The piano sample in the back is cutted out of a jazz song or something like that...... i dont remember anymore. lol

Description : This is a song from my first collab album i ever made. Excause the master sound quality. But the track itself is a nice one!

Description : This is a song from the EP "The Bridge Beyond" i produced for Zen-Zin from Sudan.
A very nice guy who loves to make music. I hope hes well cause he escaped from his country and i never heard someting again from him.

Description : Here i was able to work with a female rapper called Miss Gray. I loved to work with here cause she always had deep and serious lyrics. In cause of that i made a very deep and serious beat.

Description : Played in: Amin

Tracks 1 - 8 of 8