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Tags : | Techno | 7.56 MB

Description : Dantro the Planet Man vs. the Robot Interloper - Upbeat psytrance with an homage to the old time Radio Show, The Planet Man. featuring rhythms and vox from rasputin1963 and bentleyrhythmace, synth loops by fanto8bc. 128 bpm

Tags : | Cinematic | 7.99 MB | Featured

Description : 4!_(07@2nd) harmonic protocol reboot sequence

This track is an elaboration of dgalantics track Starting Over 0172257. It is almost entirely comprised of loops by other artists on looperman. The newsreel in the intro section is from public domain footage of the Vietnam War. Prince Fatty chimes later in with some words of wisdom. The track was sequenced with Mixtikl and edited in Audacity.

Loops from the following artists are included:
1. ThatJeffCarters guitar feedback 197765
2. three of Nightingales harmonica trills: angels 0088377, inner light 0088361 and never and never 0088366
3. Heavily fxed vocal excerpts from Eshars 7th Dimension 0002644
4. Dcmacks rhythm loops 2 bass drums 1- 0085449, 2- 0085446, and 4- 0085448.
5. Steelyvibes choral wash luno frunezo 0005719
6. Nightingales guitar loop diving deep 0043488
7. Rasputin1963s chorals soul ladies gospel riff 0088641 and reggae soul girls choir 0087693
Genre: Cinematic
Tags: papico, Cinematic, Piano, feedback, choral washes, choir, harmonica, guitar, dgalantic- starting over, thatjeffcarter-feedback, dcmack- 2 bass drums 1,2 and 4, nightingale-angels, inner light, never and never, diving deep, eshar-7th dimension, steelyvibe- luno frunezo, rasputin1963-soul ladies gospel riff, reggae soul girls choir, Vietnam War newsreel

bpm: 120 key: D

Tags : | Breakbeat | 7.03 MB

Description : BRICS, the new economic powerhouse of emerging nations Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. In the struggle for economic dominance will cooperation prevail regarding climate change and other issues of global importance or will it be business as usual?

This track is a heavily sampled break beat melange featuring Russian vocalist Doctyabrev and excerpts of speeches in languages of the other three countries including Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, and Marina Silva of Brazil. There's a whiff of Maceo's "Cross the Tracks" in there too.

Much thanks to all the Looperman contributors including: Doctyabrev, fanto8bc, djnab, blueskies, buffalonugaluss, megapaul, and 7venth12. 100 bpm, key of E.

Tracks 1 - 3 of 3