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About Me

Armed only with a microphone, recorder, and set of ear phones I record everyday audio making sound effects as the SFX Ninja. I've been working with audio and making tracks for many years and have gone by several names but now I "am" Ninja! lol

Mic in hand I host the Sound Effects Podcast as the SFX Ninja sharing some of the tips and techniques I have learned over the years playing with audio working with SFX and electronic music.

I am not a pro.. but sometimes I play one on the podcast XD

Instruments I play

The Computer

Software I Use

Acid Pro, Sound Forge, Fruit Loops :P , and a handful of smaller programs.

Hardware I Use

Roland 505, a few synths, Numark Axis 8, a handful of smaller less powerful audio effects tools, and a huge range of organic recorded SFX that I have made.

Listening To Right Now

Exploring many variations mostly on Pandora, internet radio in gen. and now here on Looperman. Honestly I am impressed so far with the bit I've heard here on loop.. you guys got talent :P

10 Favourite Albums


My Influences / Fav Artists

The Crystal Method, Prodigy, Moby, Chemical Bros. Enya, and a LOT of others. I grew up with a thirst for electronic music because as a kid it was not mainstream yet (in the 80s & early 90s) and the radio was the last place my cassette player could get a shot of recording something new.. electronic that is.

My Music Sounds Like

A mix of genres. Everything from trance, electronic, DNB, to trip hop, ambient, and experimental.

In My Other Life I ...

I work as a mild mannered employee in the Matrix.