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  • From : leeds, United Kingdom
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About Me

I am a guitarist/bassist/ex-drummer getting increasingly into synthesizers, electronic music and tweaking envelopes and filters. I have played in bands such as fourplanesinfourdays (indie) and deathhandapproaching (metal) but these days I am mostly writing and recording my own instrumental music: a mix of alt-rock/post-rock with ambient sounds, electronic beats and synth lines. I have recorded and live engineered a few bands here and there over the years and I enjoy music technology i.e buying gear.

Instruments I play

Guitar, bass, ukulele, keys.

Software I Use

Cuckos Reaper. EZ drummer, WA Revolution drums and WA synth drum samples. Hybrid vst, Xpand2! vst, Korg M1 vst, various free plug ins esp. freebies with computer music mag. Addictive keys (it really is!)

Hardware I Use

Thinkpad t430 laptop, Edirol UA 101 interface. Various guitars and basses inc 2 half decent Ibanez's. Bass station 2 monosynth. Nanoverb reverb. Guitar FX pedal board (line 6 echo, TS9 etc.) Roland cube amp. Rode nt5 and sm58,sm57, d112 mics. Digitech Jamman stereo looper pedal. Tascam dr05 field recorder.

Listening To Right Now

Tycho, a lot;) Monsters Exist - Orbital. Synth-wave mixes on Youtube! Into The Blue Again - The Album Leaf, Going Going...The Wedding Present, Interchange - Warm Digits, Hope and Adams- Wheat.

10 Favourite Albums

I tried listing these but could not manage it without huge omissions.

My Influences / Fav Artists

In my youth virtuoso guitar players such as Gary Moore and Jeff Beck, then later on indie rock bands such as dEUS and Smashing Pumpkins. Mogwai, Papa-M and Godspeed You! Black Emperor are still reference points and electronic artists I like include Kalabi, Orbital, Tycho, and Bonobo. Warm Digits have been a a huge influence on me going synth-shaped of late too :)

My Music Sounds Like

A film soundtrack where the main character is driving on the open road. We do not know where he is going and neither does he, but everything is going to be ok.

In My Other Life I ...

Performing arts technician and music teacher.