• From : bangkok, Thailand
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About Me

I am a composer,guitarist,remixer from Thailand.A lot of thing to Learn I prefer and a lot of thing to help I propose.It wolud be glad if someone use my loops and someone permitted me to use his/her loops.

Instruments I play

I'm guitarist bassist and pianist but now I wish to Learn to be a DJ.

Software I Use

I use old nuendo 4 that my old friend gave me when he turned to use protool.And the other old friend cann't be left to mention is Reason 5 I think that its sampler function is very compromise you'll see when you try to make vocal of the song scary monster and nice sprite.and the last and almost a main core of my workflow is Komplete 8 I've got it recently.The massive FM8 and Reaktor is amazing.

Hardware I Use

I have Motu ultralite MK3.I think it is ok but its preamp is a bit more solid,that one can notice it that the voice is from solid state micpre.I also have SE2200a condenser mic and shure sm57 and beta 58

Listening To Right Now

I listen to several music styles but my main interest is on Screamo,Modern Metal,Dubstep and DnB.

10 Favourite Albums

No,I've not I love all of music eventhough they try to pressed my hate on them.

My Influences / Fav Artists

I've been a metal head for long,but now turn to electronic music,however, I never left the metal blood that flow in me.I wish to melt them all together.

My Music Sounds Like

As old project,It's gone metal screamo even death metal.But now almost of sound you'll hear from me is in electronic voice.

In My Other Life I ...

My youtube channel