We Are The Closet Monster Faction
  • From : Cardiff, United Kingdom
  • Joined : Tue 14th Feb 2012, 10 years ago

About Me

Rebel fighter of the one's and two's. Insurgent of turntablism. Currently spinning at a dive every wednesday. I was drawn to this site by it's egalitarian feel, everyone sharing, mixing, matching, it's beautiful.

Instruments I play

Numark M2 (mixer),BOSS DR-202 (drum pad/synth/sequencer), Numark NDX 400 (CD/MP3 digital turntable), Stanton T.52 (phonograph), KORG Monotron (mini ribbon-synthesizer and LFO), Digitech RP-355 (effects processor/looper). To those who would say these are not instruments, sod off.

Software I Use

I've found Adobe Audition the way to go for me, just loaded Cubase, we'll see how that goes.

Hardware I Use

Whatever I can get my mits on, got wires and a magnet?

Listening To Right Now

the universe.

10 Favourite Albums

Maxinquaye (Tricky), Halo 14 (NIN), Auto Da Fe (SPK), The Ying and the Yang(Wutang Can)...uhm, Labor Days (Aesop Rock), Third (Portishead), uhhh Burn, Berlin, Burn (Atari Teenage Riot), how many is that? Close enough.

My Influences / Fav Artists

Industrial, Hip Hop, Electronic, Alternative, World, and a whole mess of ancient cylinders, their scratchy siren songs have inflamed my senses with the sounds of the distant past. That's well heavy, innit?

My Music Sounds Like

I'm malking vaguely Reznorish stuff with a dash of my own eccentricities, plus some industrial influenced hip hop tracks, a bit 'o Trance, messin' around with static, a little noize if you know what I mean.

In My Other Life I ... wishing I was making music.