• From : NYC, United States
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About Me

My name is Vance Bianco, I’m a audio engineer, singer/song writer, producer, pop artist. I also am a photographer, and now starting to play around with videography, and video editing. I love art in many ways, I love how it can take you from one place to the next, and I love how we can all make it how we want and when we want to, even if its just like me right in my own bedroom! I am a man with a voice and I have a lot of things waiting to be said. Love our planet and love your friends, remember we are all brothers and sisters

Instruments I play

I really love the piano and everything about it.. i would love to soon learn the guitar!

Software I Use

I use Acid Music Studio, Sound Fourge Audio Studio, Cakewalk plug-ins, AVOX Evo Plug-ins and a few other plug-ins to make my unique sound. I am also trying to learn Logic Pro X

Hardware I Use

I use a Samsung CO3U Recording mic to record my vocals

Listening To Right Now

Right now on my playlist i got a lot of gaga going she really rocking her shit hard and i love it. It's random but Miley is giving me something really cute that i can bump too. Waiting for Britney and Gagas full albums is killing me! but im rocking hard to the singles

10 Favourite Albums

Oh man, Britneys "Blackout" album get's me everytime like its my first time having it rock. Gaga's "the Fame" really warm's my heart just the right way. The Beatles "Abbey Road" do i need to say more? Michele's "Bad".. damn my brain is starting to hurt, there is so much i wanna type!

My Influences / Fav Artists

I'm influenced by many artist all the way from Motown to The Beatles, Donna Summers, The Temptations, Tina Turner, The Beach Boys, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Queen and so so many others! But a Big part of why i love Pop music and really understand the fundamentals and emotional impact it give us is from the one and only Britney Spears. she opened my eye's to a world i didnt know and she is the reason i make music the way that i do.

My Music Sounds Like

Idk i've ben told that i have the flow of Britney and michele, the "realness" of gaga all mixed with this real cool pop rock alternative gothish kind of sound. But I believe you should have your own feeling on how my art is

In My Other Life I ...

When im not being an artist (not that it really ever stops) im just a family man, a cousin, a best friend, a lover, and a Human~