sOuleNtiTy aka MightyBender
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About Me

Greetings and welcome.

My entire purpose in this life is to spread the Energetic Force of Consciousness through my music. As I've grown in life, and in my musical abilities, I have seen my music change along side every experience I've had, and every feeling I've felt.

These days, I'm seeing my music head in a direction that truly pleases me, and I desire only to SHARE that with the world.

Music is meant to be felt as much as heard, and I ardently wish to share my deepest love, as well as my darkest laments, with YOU.
As I continue to evolve musically, spiritually and cosmically, I have noticed that my music truly is a direct representation of my link--at any given time--with the Source of our existence, The Energy of Infinite LOVE.

If you would like to work with me, please send me a message. I have much more music at:
www.soundcloud.com/soulentitymusic and www.youtube.com/thievesguildpro

Instruments I play

I am all digital, and all feeling. Analog is cool too, but I digitize it. I'm a digital muthasucka, what can I say...

Software I Use

Reason 5, Abelton Live, Soundforge Expert 9, Logic 9, and various other programs.

Hardware I Use

Many programs and pieces of hardware, but mostly Reason 5, Abelton Live, Soundforge (for editing/mastering) and Logic 9 when I'm using the Mac.

Listening To Right Now

Jewelz Infinite. Bad ass.

10 Favourite Albums

The Energy Syndicate by: The ShadowPeople Collective.

Audio Morsels 2012 by: MightyBender of ShadowPeople

Anything by Dj DRC.

My Influences / Fav Artists


My Music Sounds Like

Something I created from channeling the Energy.

In My Other Life I ...

...live a life unlike many people have ever known.