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HI, friends and page viewers. My name is Terence, You should know that already if you not random looking that profile. I will be going to high school now. and i im alittle scare but i will going with my friends Patick and rasheed.i am plaining on being an engineer someday, if dat is not going to happen i do not know what iam going to do.maybe i join the football team or something like that. i forgot u tell that iam 15 and born in philly. i was raise in philly and jersey, a little in New York because my parents take me and my 3 bro to wildwood every summer with grandparents. intill 2008 that was the last time i wiil go to wildwood. NY time, my grandparents take me and 2 bro at arond age 5 we see my aunt (RIP) she live there. i thing my dad was born in jersey. (SORRY 2 ALL FRIEND IAM NOT ALL PHILLY). i am not going to write about my love life because it will get too personal/emotional for other to read.I can write on and on about my life but i do not have time and space to put all my life stroy in one page SORRY!! Inthe other hand i can can write more!! i star playing games at a very young age. i was playing Nitendo , PS 1 ,2 ,Xbox & xbox 360. the best one is 360 because of the xbox live , i have 100 friends on it. most of my friends in my clan name Murdin Evolution Army. the leader name is MR SLEVEE (he have a myspace account) sent him a friend request if u want to join the clan( u must have a xbox live Account). ALOT of things happen when i ride my bike mostly when i ride with friends. Every time my friend ask me to come outside something bad happen(big or small). i can't remember a time that i was happy riding back home from a ride with friends. even if they konk on my door nothing good come out from it. Sometime i wish i didn't answer the door.(u know what iam saying) CONTINUE.......COMING...SOON..

........................................................ (Fear POEM)- fear of confusion- fear of killers- fear of panicing- fear of death- fear of God- fear of needles- fear of stalkers- fear of love- fear of getting hurt- fear of the future- fear of car accidents- fear of not being happy- fear of being barried alive- fear of losing someone you love- fear of the past coming back- fear of someone not loving you back- fear of disappointing the people you love- fear of hurting the people you love- fear of not knowing whats going to happen- fear of me!!

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