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I have a potty mouth, curse like a sailor. I have a pin-up's class and a Marilyn Monroe attitude. I'm the girl you see sitting in Starbucks for hours with her laptop, an open book and a big mug of coffee. I download way too much music and always have one headphone permanently tangling from my ears. I read like it's going out of style and have the papercuts to prove it. I read because it frees my mind and I write because it frees my heart. If the pen's not moving across the page, my fingers are typing away on my laptop. My lip is pierced and it suits me just fine. I look out for myself and I'm not taken in easily. I keep my heart under lock and key, buried under the tape and glue of having to piece it back together so many times. I'm sweet, I'm charming and I'm a little insecure. I'm witty, I'm smart and I'm sarcastic as anyone. It's all part of my charm, though. I can steal your heart with a shared glance or a worthwhile conversation. But, it might take you a while to get it back. I don't let a lot of people in so if you're close to me, count your blessings. I say 'yo' and 'dude' like I invented the words. I live for rockshows and roadtrips. I jam to The Beatles and know every word to every We The Kings song. I wish on tie-on bracelets and birthday candles. I play connect the dots with the stars and do the crosswords in the newspaper. I believe that nothing is impossible and everything happens for a reason. I'm fluent in sarcasm and movie quotes. I'm loud and sexual and sometimes, a little hard to handle.. I'm a sucker for a sweet talker, a honey-tongued devil always gets me. I miss everything and sometimes I miss myself. I believe that to love is to be vunerable. I'm tired of being vunerable. I absolutely hate being vunerable. Love takes hostages and I'm tired of being one. I have issues and baggage and addictions. And sometimes, I wish I was a different person all together. Then I remember that the heartbreaks, the tear-downs and all the bs makes me stronger. There's a lot more to me than meets the eye. I run deep. I hope you can swim.

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I listen to everything. You never know who will inspire you.

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