awoooooo gak
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About Me

aka retrodog ...

just a battered ol' pup whom likes to sniff the crotch of unsuspecting music that i find fondly irrestible, have an eclectic taste that spans decades of great wouldnt want to necessarily pet me back tho, kinda stinky & non-domesticated, grew up in the oil sand shale tundras and dont know what a bath natural

tho alot of my music has its roots from Folk traditions and alternative, my folks were peasant refugees (anti-folk all stars), nonetheless this b$tch has gotten around XXX and then some

Salute to all makers and shakers

Instruments I play


Software I Use

soulreaper & simplicity

Hardware I Use

looking into the works of Nikolai Tesla & Les Paul, my idols

Listening To Right Now

distant quasars @ 440 hz

heres a pulsar sound

makes me wonder sometimes :i

10 Favourite Albums

vinyl and my new favorite cant tell me that aint dope

My Influences / Fav Artists

gotta say here, not me, u guyz

tho stuff like this is what i call real music in its raw form nonetheless have the privelidge of seeing many top name acts VIP, nice to be connected otherwise (me mates sisters, brother in laws second cousin who has a cousin that operates the door and lets me sneak by ;)

My Music Sounds Like

an older unfinished mix in mono simulated stereo

In My Other Life I ...

keep busy