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imma make a pop filter
  • From : Lake Elsinore, United States
  • Joined : Fri 8th Oct 2010, 11 years ago

About Me

i will keep redoing this bio until i spell every thing right D@MM!T.

We are Lucky Feather Studios. For the Most part we are a joke band, but i am trying as hard as i can to make more deep songs. Oh BTW i am Doughi Boi. our online manager and band creator. Our Lil Band is Complied of of 5 members thus far. Tanman(aka andy) OG DD (maria) Big V and jay man. both Tanman and I are the lead singers. as dubs (maria) is our DJ producer. both jay man and BIG V have yet to do anything in the band, but they are working on there part. i am wishing we we do alot of tracks with other members, but until i get back to so-cal your stuck solely with me. sadly. but lets make music yea... hit the whole band up at or on here. i am pray we are good enough to make you laugh, becuz laughter is the essence of happiness

Instruments I play

i fail at my git-box, but i sure do try
so does tanman. dubs at one time was really good wiff a piano

Software I Use

sony Acid Pro 7,
Verse Perfect ( i wright my rhymes then i go in there check each line. kinda a cheat sheet)

FL Studios 8 ( i dont use often i dont know how)

I just got Melodyne but have no idea how to use it.

Virtual DJ ( but i dont really get how it works really)

i have a bunch of VST and to name em all id be here all day

i use camtsasia studio 6 for mixing videos and for late webcam chats wink wink. nahh i am playing haha

i mainly run sony acid pro. tis uber easy for my simple mind. i need alot of help and growth in music and that i why i am here. to learn

Hardware I Use

i run all of our music off my lap top. a 2010 toshiba satellite. nothing fancy and nothing bad

matter of fact it has been the most pimp thing ever and it was a gift from some one really dear to me. i love it and never care to upgrade

i use it in a dual monitor with an old dell that is like 50 effin pounds. i run a rock band mic and it is one of the first ones so tis pretty bad. i dont know hoe to play my git-box into my computer sadly. this is what our music is run off of.

Listening To Right Now

pete yorn- lose you,
say anything- shameless

10 Favourite Albums

Joseph Arthur- in the sun,
Joesph Arthur- all of our hands,
John Mayer- gravity
Zakk Wylde- spoke in the wheel,
Everlast- the letter,
Nirvana- lithium,
Alice In Chains- Down in a Hole,
say anything- wow i can get sexual to

My Influences / Fav Artists

these are my Influences not the bands
Doughi Boi

Jack Black and Rage Kage,
Zakk Wylde,
John Mayer,
Joseph Arthur,
Say Anything,
Citizen Cope,
Cat Power,
Counting Crows,

My Music Sounds Like

i have an older sound when it comes to my raps.. kind of like id say mid 90's i have been told i sing very well if i am singing grunge, metal, or blues.. but i am not to sure about that..

In My Other Life I ...

i got fired bawww