• From : Othello, United States
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About Me

Instruments I play

I play piano by ear.. i play the Clarinet (Unfortunatly)

Software I Use

FL Studio, Acid Pro, Adobe Audition.

Hardware I Use

Scratch the "Hardware I Use...."


For YouTube Befriend me and Subscribe plz :D

For Myspace Befriend me and listen plz :D

For FaceBook.... I dont think im gonna give you my FaceBook :/

Listening To Right Now

Other then me... lol my top would be DRAKE, Nicki Minaj!!! Shes so bomb.. Eminem.. 50 Cent... 2pac... BIG TIME RUSH & JUSTIN BEIBER!!!! lol jk those last two suck ... and Drake.... YEAH!! i said it twice .. so what

10 Favourite Albums

My Influences / Fav Artists

ALOT!!! Basically life.. idk how to explain it .. my life has always SUCKED ... so i convert it to music :D

My Music Sounds Like

Scratch "My Music Sounds Like...."

So im starting something.... and if your interested in it go ahead and try this... well ill be uploading Beats for free and if you happen to make a song with it AND i like it... I will upload them to my YouTube Account And/or Myspace... i mean im not famous but i dont mind helping a Fellow struggling Musician :D... BUUUUT you must follow my rules... "Just give me a shout out through out thye song" ..... thats it!!! is that too hard?? I thought so.. Cant wait to hear YOU...

In My Other Life I ...

Im in highschool ... it sucks....