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About Me!
is very refined, honed to an insane, weird world. .....

no matter the volume pounden the bass, lbs take it to another level!

Mixing, styling, DJing loops... Taking the the fillers***

Just mixing samples 4 now.
In touch with God and others. Seen A Virgin Mary apparition. Not all that powerful, but omnisence. Been thru hell to heaven and seen/felt the 3RD EYE. Talked to GOD and he will always help. Experienced the 3rd EYE thur MARY Magdalene! Mad half way and some, but I know what's real and what's not. Is visual proof enough to swade you to believe. God does exsist...! Believe in GOD!

Instruments I play

Singing, DJing, mixing loops. Singing vocals!!!

Software I Use

Hardware I Use

Ableton 6, Slow PC, bad sound card, overloaded CPU System. Basic Basement Bargain. Microphone.

Listening To Right Now

Go to and other [ARTISTS]. RubiK Frequency Labyrinth All rite there to find out who I listen to.

Trying ~to~ bring peace to the GODS

10 Favourite Albums All rite there to find out an listen to MYSPACE ARTISTS. So Devine...

My Influences / Fav Artists Loops, sounds and samples I like from this artist
***Dr. Dre, 50 cent, ancor_p, brofon, Bentley

Rhythm, Ace, DJ Fred Val, DJ Puzzle Jason Donnelly, dj_rows, Fuzz Townshend, Gangsta Zero,

Gsusfrk, Insane Smile, Kmk0702, Kuldip Bhatt, NY, omar_s, Pete wain, Psychotropic_Circle, ru,

ScriptzDaSpitta, Slap Johnson, Travis Huckings, DJ Caspare, Eshar. More frequently added.

*** For all my BAND influencies.
***Club, Progressive, House ~n~ Bass, DUB, Dance, Reggae, Breakbeat, Euro, and Hip Hop, jazz, classical, rock, orchestra, chill out, religion...

Drifting Thoughts Of Infinite Audio

Pleasure. Mixing up, to sounds, effects, experimental maybe. Layered notes?
A -RUBIK- Whatever,

Sounds to move ~U~

Trying 2 Bring Peace To The GODS

My Music Sounds Like

Jungle gruv, khaotic, experimental, glitchy hard drive, tranzizing, not meant for your ears, meant 4 the body!!! No the state of mind to 3rd DOOR in our all omnisence...
Things I shouldn't be seeing. . . . . .
Touched by GODS. In touch with them. A body experience!
Me. Buy it now at
RubiK Frequency Labyrinth.

shivers down that wet spine, now all over agian

***Automatic Pilot Switching fine tuning the tempo to an unpredictable khaotic sensation that

Dub, Experimental, Progressive, Club, House, Euro...

In My Other Life I ...