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  • From : Nashville Tn, United States
  • Joined : Wed 4th Aug 2010, 11 years ago

About Me

I am a professional DJ, and a musician of over 30 years! I love music... from Beat mixing as a DJ to playing a guitar to beatin on a kitchen sink! I first started playing guitar when I was 13.
I recently (July of '10) pieced together my 1st studio on a budget and started composing. I love doing unexpected things inside of a track, and sometiumes I feel I'm leaning more to the old school stuff. I always write and play my own Basslines, and as much of the music as I can. I don't like to rely on too many samples, but that's just because I am a musician and I don't like to think I am cheating or losing my musicianship by just setting a sample here or there.
I also build ukuleles out of cigar boxes.

Instruments I play

Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Keys, Drums, Harmonica, Banjo... (paddle faster I hear Banjo Music!)... Cigar Box!
Whatevers in my hands at the time!

Software I Use

Propellerhead Reason 6
POD Farm 2

Hardware I Use

Fender Stratocasters: Roadhouse Deluxe and Limited
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe - Texas Red edition
Taylor 614ce and Big Baby Taylor
Lenovo H420 Dual Core 3.3GHz, 64 bit,8G, 1T, Win7, dual monitor
Line 6 UX2 (0 latency)
Korg NanoKontrol 2
M-Audio Axiom 25
KRK Rokit 8 RP8 G2 Monitors
Marshal MXL Mics
Evans Drums w/Zildgin Custom A cymbals
Elixor/Fender bullet strings

Listening To Right Now

Rock, Classic Rock, Hip Hop, Classical, Country...
Everything and anything

10 Favourite Albums

sold em all and bought cds

My Influences / Fav Artists

Everything! I hear music in the rythym of machinery, the sounds of nature, and constantly in my head accompanying the voices I hear!

My Music Sounds Like

A mix of different genres...depends on the day!
Classic rock, metal, acoustic, christian, hip-hop, new age....

In My Other Life I ...

Worship Leader, Pro DJ, Ukulele Builder/Luthier, and Field Service Technician! I'm usually twisting screws on something during the daytime, and doing something with music during the night and on weekends.