I just wanna make something beautiful
  • From : London, United Kingdom
  • Joined : Mon 1st Jun 2020, 2 years ago

About Me

I am normally a visual artist but while playing with garage band I've found a new way to create something I find beautiful. I am amazed and grateful for the resources that others have posted here, your generosity has helped others to create beautiful works! I hope to join your ranks!

Instruments I play

I don't play any instruments, my strength is in being able to navigate and use the powerful tools the digital age has given us.

Software I Use

Mainly I use garage band as it's a very powerful bit of software that enables humble music fans to actually create and contribute to the musical world. I just recently found an App 'sound grid' that has given me some samples that I intend to use in garage band and if I can, share here with you.

Hardware I Use

I don't actually use any hardware, I've always felt like all I can do is enjoy music but not contribute anything as I don't have that talent. With new apps on both the laptop and my phone, it has opened up a world to me that was previously unavailable to me. I feel so much gratitude for the development of software that is so powerful someone like me can make something to feel proud of.

Listening To Right Now

I currently am somewhat obsessed with Post Modern Jukebox covers. I love how they can take a song that maybe isn't my cuppa but the cover is of a style from old fashioned musical styles, often giving the song new life for a new audience.

10 Favourite Albums

Tracy Chapman Self named.
Tracy Chapman New Beginnings
Tori Amos Under the pink, little earthquakes, boys for pele, choirgirl hotel
Soundtrack for the movies, dead man walking, oh brother where art tho? And others that I just can't think of right now.

My Influences / Fav Artists

I've listened with great passion to female vocalists since childhood. From Tracy Chapman to Tori Amos as well as much of the music from the '60's have inspired me to find any way to create beautiful things.

My Music Sounds Like

I suffer with depression and ptsd as well as having physical problems with mobility, so when I spend time playing with loops and how they sound together, I am trying to create something that makes me think of dancing fairies or otherwise joyful sounding music. This is the same attitude I take with visual arts and can say that the effort to create something beautiful can have a strong therapeutic effect. I think it works well as chill out music you might find DJ's using to chill out after a night clubbing.

In My Other Life I ...

I suffer with nerve damage to both feet for a number of years now. I walk with crutches and suffer with depression, anxiety, ptsd, and suicidal feelings. This means that I am considered disabled and cannot work a proper job. I do however feel it absolutely necessary to feel productive by creating beautiful things. Mainly this works out as me posting visual designs to print on demand sites that sell products printed with my designs and I get a commission per sale.