• From : Valencia, Venezuela
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About Me

Graduated conductor from Universidad de lo Andes in Merida, Venezuela. Guitarrist. Composer, dedicated to the exploration of both acoustic and electronic music. Free from labels, living in the present, with his mind on the future and rescuing all that is relevant from the past. Music is the only universe he knows. Sounds are the only thing that matters. Citizen of the universe. Universal. Music. ..........

Instruments I play

Guitar (pro level), piano (pro level), drums (advanced level), sing (pro level), bass (begginer)

Software I Use

Ableton Live!, Adobe Audition

Hardware I Use

ASIO4ALL, M-Audio KeyRig25

Listening To Right Now

10 Favourite Albums

Vespertine, by Björk

My Influences / Fav Artists

Academic acoustics: Edgar Varese, Steve Reich, Webern. J. S. Bach (yes, baroque), Palestrina (yes, renaissance), L. v. Beethoven (yes, classical-romantic). Among others. Academic electronics: Edgar Varese, Claudio Tripputi. Among others. Non academic acoustics: Tribal Tech (not totally acoustic), Rufus Cappadoccia, Dave Fiuczyki. Among others. Non academic electronics: Bjork, Nerve, Unknown Error, Oddyssey. Among others.

My Music Sounds Like

A million sounds from the most distant corners of the universe. Although, there are no such things as corners in the universe, since it is shapeless (or at least, not angled).

In My Other Life I ...

Music teacher