• From : Columbia, United States
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About Me

Never follow all the rules in music or life. Thats how you become an artist. *This is my real name in anagram "unclearsemihobo": See if you can solve it. Please send all answers via my contact tab. Hint- I have a first and last name.

Instruments I play

Ocarina, Keyboards, and many things not considered instruments.....

Software I Use

Ableton live 8.o.1 and 8.1.1, Audacity, M1le

Hardware I Use

Laptop, Desktop, Boss DR-5, and Korg Nanokey

Listening To Right Now

Glitch Mob, Rymdreglege, and Bassnectar

10 Favourite Albums

Pretty Hate Machine, Frizzle Fry, Ragnorok, Wish you Were Here, Danzig 1 and 2, Smokin Taters, Bad Music for Bad People, The Future, Blue Valentine, Aneima, Come to Daddy EP, Natural Born Killers Soundtrack, Diamond Dogs, u.f. of off, The Night Tripper, The Deathbum, Sodomy and the Lash, London's Calling, The Fragile, Do or Die, and Eire Og Live from Brazen Head.

My Influences / Fav Artists

Trent Reznor, Tom Waits,Tim Burton, Richard D James, Carl Sagan,Tom Jenkinson, Nikola Tesla, Albert Hoffman, Carlos Castaneda, Lewis Carrol, Lenny Bruce, HR Giger, Bill Hicks, GG Allen, Patti Smith, Nick Cave, Ridley Scott, Henry Rollins, Johhny Cash, Hank Williams Sr. and 3rd, Jack Kerouac, Chris Cunningham, Alex Grey, Frank Black, Stanley Kubrick and a lot of DMT.

My Music Sounds Like

(#7) "slammin. this sounds like someone trying to prise open a gameboy with a crowbar with the results put through a distortion pedal. This is pretty experimental harsh digital stuff, heavy goin actually & a bit of an assault on the old senses. but theres obviously some evil genius at work here." -A review by Rookiecop posted on his blog in regards to my remix entry. (Best review I ever got)

In My Other Life I ...

Sell Smut "Not Joking"